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July 31, 2008
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Felicia and Jon by PlutoAngel Felicia and Jon by PlutoAngel
This was a picture that I made for Otakon 4 years ago, can't believe I'm saying that either, in essence that that it's been 5 yrs Ive been going. It was my friend Bryce's idea, pose and all. The characters are from Darkstalkers. Felicia and Jon Talbain better known as (Gallon)

It did fairly well and see he was the one who scanned it. It was originally done with an ink outline, guash paint and colored pencil over it, nothing else. It was slightly larger than a normal sized piece of paper so when it was scanned the two halves that were scanned were slightly off when he put them together though very close, so I fixed it so it didn't look like there was a line going across. I also touched up any old cut outs, and tweaked the color a teeny bit, so in minor touch ups a good quality colored print will be made and posted for this year with a frame.
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Sadictic & masochistic sexy. Love this couple (L).
Love your work!
YoreelSniknej May 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Look at Jon givin' that smug look on his face.
Painfully romantic.
Either Felicia had just gotten injured and an weary wounded Jon Talbain limped to her rescue and comfort her, or he just had a full feast and forgotten his table manners. ;)
Isn't it ironic that Felicia was raised by a Catholic nun and "falls in love with Jon Talbain"? If she were a catgirl nun, that would be pretty freaky. Normally, nuns are forbidden to have a relationship like that.
I think, personally, it's sweet, though, that she cares about Jon, whether he's a werewolf or not. She doesn't care how he looks; she only cares about his well-being.
You know what would be romantic for them? If he got badly injured and she was nursing him back to health, he'd say, "I'm the ugliest creature on the face of this world. I will forever be hated." Felicia would smile and reply, "Not in my eyes." DAWWWWWW! It would be so beautiful! That's just me being a romantic idiot...
Anyway, point being said, I love this picture. There needs to be more realistic pictures, like this one, of them being together. They are ungodly cute.
Painful romance... Or felicia is just masochistic xD
Wow, painfully romantic... xD Nice job, despite the blood shed they seem to be enjoying themselves. =P
Well they are monsters and i always consider love making between two mosters could get bloody due to their lustful drives.
Well they are monsters and i always consider love making between two mosters could get bloody due to their lustful drives.
Whoa! Talk about love hurts. Great job.
Katzy Apr 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like they were playing a bit rough there.
Darkstalkers is Awsome
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